The light of dead stars

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 Daniele Coppola  (°1990 Torino) lives and works in Brussels. He studied philosophy at the Università degli studi di Torino (2011-2014) and subsequently studied sculpture at the Accademia Albertina di belle arti di Torino, University of Art of Helsinki and l’ Academie Royale des Beaux-arts de Bruxelles (MFA 2020). He was the laureate of the Tour à Plomb who hosted his solo exhibition “Sur la Seuil” curated by Stéphane Roy. He was selected for a residency at Fondation Moonens and the prix Mediatine in 2020. His work is deeply influenced by Arte Povera movement. His ephemeral, thought-provoking work is the result of a profound investigation of  simple gestures. An intimate thought, a living landscape, simple objects serve as the source of inspiration for a work of art, which subsequently give rise to new possibilities and questions. 

"Think of the strange astrophysical phenomenon of starlight" is his first solo exhibition at Dauwens @ Beernaert Gallery 

This light that we always watch with emotion making its appearance in our skies, as scientists explain, does not emanate from an actually existing star in celestial space. Rather it comes to us many years later (probably millions) from an already dead star, disappeared into the great dark of the universe. 

When we look at the starry sky above our heads, we admire a presence that is made up of absence or an absence that becomes present. In fact, light springs from an absence that becomes presence and from a presence that evokes an absence. 

We see starlight shining in the dark of night without thinking that it is an already dead object. This is the very face of nostalgia-gratitude: what has passed is no longer among us, but rather than becoming the object of a regressive regret, shines in its absence reaching us like an unexpected visitation."