Stanislas Lahaut

Stanislas Lahaut (°1979 - Ghent) conceptual and minimal art, a balance of poetic lightheartedness and disarming spontaneity.

Stanislas Lahaut's multi-faceted works are often derived from his own environment. By means of minimal intervention, he adds a poetic, playful footnote to our everyday reality. Found objects or situations are provided with a subtle twist, a new connection that changes our perception of our own environment.

Many works are based on simple yet inteligent observations. His reflections on the world are neither patronizing nor determining, but illustrate the swinging movement between his day-to-day experiences and his reflections upon these observations.

These multi-faceted works are densely layered and open to many interpretations; often ruminating on the poetic potential of life, and operate as observations on the lightness of being and the 'condition humaine'.

His artistic practice is a constant attempt to bridge the gap between the burden of life and its everyday lightness. In that way his work introduces an interesting dynamic that balances between different human mindsets.

Stanislas Lahaut’s works draws upon everyday material culture, including found objects, consumer goods, and the (mechanisms behind) the art world. In addition to sculpture and installation art, his prodigious oeuvre includes collages, paintings and neon installations featuring deceptively simple yet poetic texts. Stanislas Lahaut uses humour and playfulness as a strategy for broaching serious and essential matters. He gets the party going but shows up to work the day after too.