Laetitia de Chocqueuse

Laetitia de Chocqueuse (°1983) lives and works in Paris and Zürich. She studied at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, La Cambre in Brussels and Les Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Through a range of drawings, sculptures, paintings and film, the work of Laetitia de Chocqueuse seeks to discover the resonances between events or objects that are in principle unrelated to one another and then to organize them in way that suggests a delicate and unstable scenography.

By playing with repetition, illusion, balance and fragility, Laetitia de Chocqueuse's works depict the subjectivity of our relationship to the Real, and more particularly to time, while questioning the very construction of chronology itself.

Occasionally borrowing ideas or styles from bygone eras (such as the Ars Memoria or 18th century literature), her work attempts to elongate the reach of the temporalities peculiar to each one of these elements, to reactivate certain thought processes and to evoke, ever so slightly, time’s irreversibility.

Through frequent attempts to broaden perception and space (the perception one has of space and the space of our perception), Laetitia de Chocqueuse's works suggest a possible science fiction in which the only thing that remains to be conquered is not the domain of horizontality (territories) but verticality (our relationship to time).