Benjamin Sabatier "Fault Line" @ Eleven Steens (Brussels)

Ligne de fracture. Faille. Rupture.

L’exposition met tout autant en avant les jeux de force (physique et quasi tellurique entre les matériaux et les formes) du travail sculptural de Benjamin Sabatier, que la dimension plastique de ses peintures, support qu’il explore nouvellement et qu’il nous propose ici à découvrir pour la première fois. L’artiste s’interroge et nous interroge sur la confrontation entre abstraction et figuration, abstraction et narration…ou bien s’agit-il plutôt d’un dialogue entre peinture et sculpture ? L’installation se déploie sur les 2 plateaux les plus éloignés du Centre, non pour forcer le trait, mais sans doute davantage pour proposer une véritable trajectoire à travers travaux sculpturaux établis et œuvres picturales récentes, permettant de révéler les glissements, les ruptures d’une pratique artistique au long cours. Parce que , comme aime à le dire Benjamin Sabatier, « une œuvre est avant tout un parcours, un parcours de vie ».

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Alex Verhaest "The New Human Agenda" @ Akbank Sanat Istanbul

Curators: I??n Önol, Livia Alexander
Artists: Alex Verhaest, Gaëtan Robillard, Larissa Sansour, Lawrence Lek, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Refik Anadol, teamLab

The New Human Agenda reflects upon living conditions and politics of co-existence in our time, not only among humans, but also in our relation to other organisms and ecosystems, creating a playful discursive podium to interrogate prevailing power mechanisms.

As natural habitats are translated into digital landscapes, we gain new perspectives of the animal in the forest, the micro-organism populating our world, pushing the frontiers of humans outwards to space and inwards into our bodies. The works in this exhibition explore how our human mind copes with, and influences, these shifting social and natural food-chains in the quest for understanding and battling some of the obvious failures of humanity building stable social structures and establishing enduring modes of co-existence with the global environment.

The exhibition title is borrowed from Yuval Noah Harari’s inspiring book, “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow”, who dares to engage in well-informed speculations about the possible futures of humanity, and poses the central question, “What will humanity strive for?” The new human agenda in this context not only refers to struggles for dominance in the global political arena, but also asks how digital art technologies and computer-enabled platforms for human behavior (such as social media and computer games) can be used to twist the prevailing power mechanisms. To what extent can these technologies be employed for a cultural, economic, and ecological change in the era of the so-called “Anthropocene”? How can artistic and scientific research be mobilized for such change? And, most importantly, how do we cope with the toxic side-effects and enormous potential for abuse that great, potent technologies bring along?

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Karl Philips @Linz FMR 19

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Adam Vackar "Highlights for the Future" @ SMAK Gent

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Loïc Van Zeebroek "De Wand" @ CC Strombeek

 Expo / MuseumcultuurSeizoen 2018-2019

Loïc Van Zeebroek (1994) schept ruimtes van/voor contemplatie. Hij vertrekt vanuit utilitair botanisch werk, renaissanceschilderkunst en klassieke, zelfs geromantiseerde landschapsschilderkunst die hij ontdoet van elke vorm van ballast en omschept tot stiltegebieden.

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