Laetitia de Chocqueuse "Emanticipation"

Dauwens & Beernaert is delighted to present ‘Emanticipation’, the second solo exhibition of Laetitia de Chocqueuse (1983, lives and works in Paris and Zürich) at the gallery. The exhibition has the ambitious intention to enter in anticipation, to ‘reflect upon our future’, but an emancipated future, detached from the limits imposed by contemporaneity. 

Even though the past cannot be reproduced (Exemples), it’s in the ancient book that we can read what will happen in the year 2440, it’s in the painted newspaper (L’Emanticipation), that we can read what will happen on the 21st of March 2024, it’s on the basis of the symboloï of Sabemos de Aristarque that a future architecture will be constructed. 

We are challenged to question the past, and its historical (and selective) interpretation. Twelve symboloï (referring to ancient Greece) are used as landmarks of the particle accelerator of CERN. When connected, the 12 symboloï form a dodecagon. Each corner of the dodecagon corresponds with a place (in France or Switzerland) that is pictured on 12 canvases. Even though the works are inherently connected to their location, they are also intrinsically connected to each other: they shape a temporal and spatial chain: as the canvases will travel, the dodecagon will be deformed, and give raise to a new geometry, a constellation in permanent movement, which will be monitored via the website www.sabemosdearistarque.com

The past retraced, the future projected: the artist reveals that the present is nothing else than the space for conception.