Alex Verhaest

Alex Verhaest

"No myths for these countries of the mind". A comprehensive exhibition of four narrative audiovisual series by Alex Verhaest.

The artist has been working in the experimental audiovisual and cinematic field since her debut in 2013. The exhibition shows a selection of a decade of work by the artist including the family drama; Temps Mort,  The archive of unattained futures; a body of work that interrogates utopian tropes consisting reuniting silk screen print, closed circuit video and a video game, and Society the artist’s most recent short film. We invite you to discover her outlandish worlds and her consistently surprising ways of telling stories that matter. 

Adjusted opening times Ascension weekend

Wednesday May 17 11 - 16h
Thursday May 18 12 - 16h
Friday May 19 14 - 18h
Saturday May 20 14 - 18h
Sunday May 21 16 - 18h