Alex Verhaest

Alex Verhaest (°1985 - MFA Sint-Lucas, Brussels) lives and works in Brussels and New York.

Alex Verhaest's narrative work is largely focused on language, story and the impossibility of communication. The basis of each project is a highly narrative script, existing or newly written, around which she creates a body of work by analyzing its storyline and exploring the limits of what constitutes communicable language. Verhaest’s highly pictorial work operates on the juxtaposition of painting and video, each new project being an investigation into unorthodox contemporary technology.

Alex Verhaest's work was selected by several arts and new media festivals and competitions; such as FILE in Sao Paolo, the New Technology Art Award in Ghent, TAZ Ostend and Arts Festival Watou. In 2014 she was invited for a residency at Residency Unlimited, NY.